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How do I remove squirrels from my attic?

Squirrel Flashing
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Added on January 9, 2023

If you have squirrels in your attic, the first thing we want to do is identify how they are getting in and out of your home. We start by looking for entry points such as holes in the roof or eaves, or gaps around vents or other openings. Once we have identified these points, we can use exclusion devices or patches to block the openings and prevent the squirrels from entering your attic. You can also use one-way doors, which allow the squirrels to leave your attic but not return. In some cases it's necessary to set traps to relocate at least some of the population.  

 Can I remove squirrels myself?

We often get asked by home owners if this is something they can do on their own.  The short answer is yes.  Having said that, squirrels can be tricky - we have spent many years honing our skills and are good at what we do.  We have the correct traps, the correct tools, and most importantly years of experience to overcome the challenges that often present themselves with squirrel projects.  Perhaps the biggest difference between what we do as a professional critter control company, and what you can do yourself, is that our repairs look good!  In most cases, the exclusion repairs we do to prevent their re-entry are not visible to the homeowner, or if they are, they look like they belong.

How much does it cost to remove squirrels from my attic?

This is something we can't even guess about without visiting your home.  There are many different factors that effect the price of an animal project, including the type of animals (it's not unheard of for squirrels to cohabitate with other animals, especially rats, mice and bats), the size of the home, the number of animal in the home, and the repairs needed to prevent their re-entry.  The presence of baby or juvenile squirrels can also present problems.

For advice on how to remove them, anywhere from Orlando to Daytona Beach, or Sanford to Palm Bay, give us a call at 800-932-7287 or visit us on the web at www.drcritter.com.