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Space Coast Bat Removal

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Added on October 17, 2022

Space Coast Bat Removal

The Dr. Critter team has been hard at work in the Space Coast removing bats recently.  In the past week alone, we have started two projects in Palm Bay, one in West Melbourne and one in Rockledge (not to mention a pigeon project in Merritt Island).  Brevard County has long been recognized as a hot bed for bat activity in Central Florida, especially in the Southern portions of the county and further to the north in Cocoa.

Dr. Critter is well situated to help with any sized bat project.  Not only have we helped Fortune 500 companies humanely resolve bat problems in the past, but we're well versed in the intricacies of residential bat removal as well.

Bat projects are always unique – no two homes are the same.  Even in homes that are built identically, the way bats form colonies make every project different.  While we can make some general assumptions about the way bats behave, we need to look at every home or business without assuming anything.  Florida has a large number of restrictions on how we're allowed to remove bats – as we move into the cooler months, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee (FWC) regulates our removal efforts based on weather and temperature conditions.  This means we need to not only do what's in the best interests of the animals and property owners but ensure we're complying with all legal requirements.

Most of the bat removal projects we see in Brevard County see the bats entering a home through ventilation areas on the roof or siding of the home.  Bats can enter your attic through the tiniest of holes – in many cases without you even noticing.  In fact, many of the calls we receive come about by neighbors noticing the bats before the homeowner – usually when walking their pets around sunset or sunrise.

As a property owner it always helps to be aware of what to look for.  Signs of bat infestation include:

  • Dark brown or black stains around entry points (typically under eaves or on siding);
  • High Pitched squeaking sounds coming from the attic or soffit areas;
  • Bats flying around the roof of a structure just before and after sunrise and sunset;
  • Strong smells of bat guano coming from the point of infestation;
  • Scratching noises coming from the soffit or attic areas of the home. 

In almost no circumstances will a bat problem go away on its own.  In fact, they're going to progressively get worse until health and structural problems will invariably arise.  The sooner bat removal procedures commence, the better it is for all concerned, and will most likely save the property owner a significant amount on both the removal efforts, and in cleanup and repair costs. 

Fortunately, at Dr. Critter we're your number one resource when it comes to Brevard County Bat Removal efforts.  With many years of experience in projects of all sizes, there isn't much we haven't seen!  Check our website at www.drcritter.com for information on our services or call us at 800-932-7287.

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