Squirrels are driving me nuts.

September 20, 2014

Squirrels are driving me nuts. | iStock_000000615713Large

While rats are often heard at night, squirrels are primarily heard throughout the day - most commonly at sunrise and sunset.  Like rats, they leave small droppings and ruin insulation by tunneling right through it. The tricky part about diagnosing a squirrel problem is that sometimes they don't leave evidence of droppings inside the home. Squirrels are usually found in attics and higher floors of homes and businesses rather than down in crawlspaces or basements – likely because they are able to fit through very small holes in your roofing. And while squirrels may seem sweet when they're nibbling on an acorn outside, the damage they can do to your home once inside is anything but sweet. Not only can the sound of chewing and chattering drive you nuts, but the financial impact of chewed fascia boards, wooden trim, water pipes, and electrical systems can be extreme.  

If you think squirrels are your issue, don't wait a moment longer before seeking help. Feel free to call us any time. We'll help put a stop to your squirrel problems before any more damage is done to your home. 

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Squirrels are driving me nuts. | iStock_000006181237Large
Squirrels are driving me nuts. | Squirrel_Isolated_Profile