Wildlife & Animal Control company with more than 25 years experience.  We are your local experts when it comes to trapping and nuisance animal removal across Florida.


Rat Removal

Rats, mice, and squirrels (all members of the rodent family) can devastate a home. They multiply quickly and chew on things non-stop. They are often responsible for house fires, water leaks, and hosting a variety of parasites & diseases

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Bat Removal

Bats, because they are so sensitive, so dangerous, and so easily spread to new areas, are the type of problem best left to an experienced professional to handle. Our programs are affordable, and most importantly – they work.

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Snake Removal

A snake does not have to be venomous to be scary, or even dangerous. Many of the common snakes we find around homes are considered to be far more aggressive biters than any of the venomous snakes.

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