My problem is the Opossum.

September 20, 2014

My problem is the Opossum. | shutterstock_16029382

Opossums are very similar to raccoons in that they leave damage to exterior entry points and their droppings are of a similar size.While the opossum can occasionally be found in attic spaces, tree hollows, and other lofty areas, they are more commonly found nesting in crawlspaces under homes, terrestrial burrows that other animals (such as armadillos) have created, and other dark, secluded, low-lying areas.

Common opossum complaints we receive here at Dr. Critter include: opossums in trash cans, opossums in crawlspaces, opossums in attics, and opossums damaging yards in search of insects. But fear not – our technicians are experts in opossum removal, opossum trapping, opossum control, opossum proofing, and damage restoration.

Typical solutions include:

  • An inspection to identify damage and potential entry points
  • Trapping and removal of the offending animals
  • Exclusion of any potential entry points
  • Removal of fecal matter and damaged insulation
  • Cleanup of biological attractants