These armadillos need to go.

September 20, 2014

These armadillos need to go. | large__12228738215

You'll know you have an armadillo problem by the holes they leave in your yard. Large, basketball-sized holes are generally used as a place of shelter, while smaller, golf ball to tennis ball sized holes will be noticed around the area where the armadillos search for food. These smaller holes are typically in areas covered with mulch, or in dirt or sand. 

Common armadillo complaints that we at Dr. Critter receive are: armadillos damaging sod, armadillos damaging landscaping, armadillos digging in yard, and armadillos burrowing in gardens. We recommend:

  • An inspection to identify damage and potential burrows
  • Trapping and removal of the offending animals
  • Surface filling and capping of burrows
  • Cleanup of biological attractants 

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