Birds are making a mess.

September 20, 2014

Birds are making a mess. | shutterstock_16188910

You can usually identify a bird problem simply by seeing them around your home or business, being distressed due to their droppings or hearing them chirping. Depending on the bird species, there are a variety of different control methods. Only through consultation with a trained bird specialist can we begin to develop a plan to solve your problem.

Are birds destroying your home or place of business with structural damage or large amounts of waste? If so, Dr. Critter can help. From pigeons to sparrows to crows, we are equipped to stop bird damage, bird invasions, as well as clean up excrement left behind. 

Birds damage can lead to some of the following scenarios:

  • Fire caused by nesting materials
  • Machinery damage due to droppings or nesting material
  • Paint/exterior damage to your home or place of business
  • Drainage system blockage due to droppings or nesting material

Technicians at Dr. Critter are experts at performing bird trapping, cleanup of bird droppings and contamination, and installing bird deterrents such as shock track, spike strips, bird netting, and a variety of other solutions. Call today at 1-800-932-7287 for an inspection or click here to request a quote.

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