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Central Florida Bat Removal

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Added on November 13, 2023

One of the more common questions we get here at Dr. Critter from our customers in the Greater Central Florida area is what to do when bats move in to an attic space?  With more than 25 years experience protecting homeowners from bat infestations, an intimate understanding of Floridas somewhat confusing laws surrounding bat removal, and some of the most highly trained technicians in the industry, there is no greater partner for your bat removal needs than us here at Dr. Critter.

How do I get bats out of my attic? 

Removal of bats is accomplished through a combination of sealing holes on the exterior of your home – essentially bat proofing the structure – and installing bat eviction devices that encourage them to leave but make it impossible for them to return. Due to the intricate nature of bat removal, it is not something we recommend a home or business do themselves. 

As with other animals, there are three elements to seeing a bat job through to a successful completion – what we refer to as the AAA's of animal Control: 

A. Animal - accomplished in this case by successfully removing the animals;

A. Attraction – this is accomplished by removing scent markings that attract animals to return to your home; and

A. Access – this is accomplished by sealing the entry points the animals are using, or can potentially use, to enter your home. 

Why is it important to remove bats, aren't they great for the environment? 

Absolutely. Bats are great for the environment, but they don't belong in your home. Our methods of bat removal don't harm or injure the bats, and when performed at the correct time of the year, ensure a successful resolution that is environmentally conscious. But to answer the question, bats can be dangerous house mates. Bats are a vector for the rabies virus, which is essentially 100% fatal to humans if not treated in time. Because of their small size, and tiny teeth, it's possible to get bitten by a bat without realizing it. Their feces, also known as guano, contains bacteria that can also lead to health problems – and besides – no one wants to live with animal poop in their home! Additionally, due to the large size of some colonies, and the sheer volume of waste they can create, the weight of bat guano can cause problems with your home. We have even seen instances of ceilings collapsing due to the amount of guano that accumulates in attic spaces. 

What should I consider when choosing someone to remove bats from my attic? 
Aside from the usual questions you ask of any service provider, such as experience, time in business, licensing and cost; the intricacies of bat removal require more than just another animal trapper. Firstly, what do they specialize in? Many traditional pest control companies are dipping their toes in the water when it comes to animal removal. Because bats aren't removed like other animals, your larger pest control companies often don't know how to treat for bats correctly. Secondly, what materials will be used to complete the project? There are a number of ways to keep bats our of your home, but they're not all created equally. Companies experienced in bat removal will be able to tell you exactly how they plan on completing the work, and what it will do as far as the aesthetics of the building are concerned. Finally, ask them to walk you through the process. Bat eviction isn't an easy process, but a company well versed in the process will be able to explain it to you in very simple terms, making it sound like a walk in the park! 

Remember – you get one shot at a successful bat eviction. If it isn't done correctly the first time, it can end up costing you thousands of unnecessary dollars, create health problems for you, your family and your pets, and be a source of frustration! 

At the end of the day, if you have bats, or suspect you have bats in your home, give us a call here at Dr. Critter or visit our website at www.drcritter.com – every home is different, and we can make sure we tailor a solution to your home.