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Pest Control or Wildlife Control

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Added on December 3, 2022

Pest Control or Wildlife Control? 

Dr. Critter started as a highly specialized company that focuses on Widlife Control and Removal.  With more than 25 years experience we have seen a number of changes in the industry – some good, some bad.  Many of these changes, we have helped pioneer ourselves. One of the largest shake ups we've seen, at least as far as Wildlife Control in the state of Florida is concerned, has been the emergence of your more traditional pest control companies as providers of animal control services.  Prior to the pest control industry getting involved, we would typically only see overlap on rat and mouse projects – indeed, one of the largest pest control companies in the world, made famous by their iconic uniforms with a red diamond, got their start selling rat poison. 

So what is the difference between a pest control company and a wildlife control company?   


As mentioned earlier, the pest control industry is a relative new-comer to the wildlife control industry.  Many wildlife removal companies (and definitely us here at Dr. Critter) have many years of experience when it comes to resolving conflicts between humans and animals.  This is important in many aspects of what we do, but none more so than the removal of the animals themselves.  Insects are highly predictable.  They do the same things every time you contact them.  This is not the case with animals - they are in many cases intelligent, and adapt to different situations through learned behavior.  Only extensive experience allows us to overcome these behavioral traits, and we have more than 25 years in the industry.


We consider wildlife removal to be a highly specialized field – especially when it comes to performing exclusion services on your home.  In our experience, we see pest control companies offering very rudimentary and basic repairs that are usually ugly, and often ineffective.  We have spent years and considerable expense developing techniques and products that are not only more effective, but definitely more aesthetically pleasing.  Your home is typically your largest investment – we don't want to leave it looking worse than the animals did! 

Humane Solutions

Let's face it - most people don't think twice about smacking a roach with a shoe, swatting a fly, or spraying ants with pesticides.  This is not an option when it comes to animals, and for good reason.  Most people that are attracted to the wildlife industry do it from a genuine love for the animals we come into contact with.  That's simply not the case with the pest control industry where spraying toxic chemicals is a standard part of the industry.  Nowhere is this more apparent than with rodent control.  For years the pest control approach to rats and mice has been to poison them, subjecting the animal to a prolonged and painful death which ultimately results in a decaying carcass laying somewhere in your home.  Anyone who has smelled the stench of a dead animal in their attic or between their walls doesn't want to go through that experience again.  In the wildlife industry we offer humane eviction or trap and release programs where possible.  In the rare case where relocation is not possible, we have humane solutions that don't result in weeks of unbearable smells in your home.

Single Service, or Recurring Service? 

Pest Control companies also have a different philosophy when it comes to serving customers – they typically look at a customer as a source of recurring revenue, and attempt to sign you into lengthy contracts.  Because of this, the motivation to solve your problem permanently can be counterproductive.  Our solution to almost any animal problem is to permanently correct the problem – no contracts, no extended or lengthy programs.   


Another advantage we have is in our training.  We dedicate 100% of our professional lives to specializing in wildlife.  Pest Control technicians and sales staff have to learn about pest control, termite control, lawn care, rodent control, wildlife control, cleaning products, insulation services, landscaping and possibly other products.  This is why you will often a different pest control representative for sales, and service calls.  


Call one of the larger pest control companies.  After fighting through a number of different prompts, chances are you'll speak to a representative in a different state, possibly a different country, who doesn't know a raccoon trap from a bat eviction valve.  And that's if they answer the phone – most only work Monday through Friday.  Now call Dr. Critter – you'll speak to someone who is intimately familiar with what it will take to solve your problem who has years of experience in the field themselves, even if it's 10pm on a Saturday night. 


Finally, the motivation of the representative of the company often differs.  Pest Control technicians and sales staff are paid on commission – this is often why you will see them attempt to offer you many different services. Most wildlife control companies don't pay their staff based on commission – this definitely holds true at Dr. Critter. 

So, to summarize, when choosing between a pest control company, do you want the large out of state corporation that sprays your bugs, or the highly trained and specialized local company, that offers superior services without being motivated by signing you in a lengthy contract? For us, the choice is clear.  Leave the bugs to the Pest Control companies – they're great at what they've been doing for the better part of 100 years.  Let us help out with what we're great at.