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Added on October 2, 2022

Wedding Cake - Dr. Critter Style 

If you've been in the wildlife control industry more than a day or two, chances are someone has jokingly asked if you have a trap big enough for their significant other.  While we promise you it was funny the first time we heard it, we can also promise you, we'll hear it again!

It just so happens last weekend, the shoe was on the other foot, as the staff of Central Florida's highest rated Critter Control company attended the wedding of our Business Development Manager, Steve Walker and his new wife, Tara.  In this case we weren't helping with raccoons in an attic, raccoons under a home, or even raccoons in a yard.  The bride's love of raccoons was made apparent for all when they made an appearance on the new couples wedding cake!  Fortunately, Steve didn't have to put his years of raccoon trapping expertise to good use - with nearly 50 years of experience trapping critters between him and Dr. Critter owner, Steve DeMoor, it wouldn't have been a fair contest anyway...

In all seriousness, a fun night was had by all, and Steve and Tara set sail a few days later to spend their honey moon at sea dodging hurricanes along the way - raccoons not invited!

For help with a more serious raccoon problem, or rats, bats, squirrels, snakes and armadillos, visit us at https://www.drcritter.com or https://www.facebook.com/drcritter - we won't help with removal of husbands or wives no matter how much you ask!


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