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Snake Safety Tips for Central Florida

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Added on December 11, 2023

Snake Safety Tips for Central Florida and Orlando Residents in 2023 

In 2023, Central Florida and Orlando are witnessing a surge in snake bites, according to Florida state agencies. The majority of these incidents involve the Cottonmouth, the most common venomous snake in the region. Discover essential information on snake safety to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Avoiding Snake Bites in Central Florida

To minimize the risk of encounters with snakes:

Choose Your Path Wisely: Stay away from snake-prone areas like tall grass, rocky terrain, swamps, and marshes.

Use Caution: When navigating through grassy areas, use a long stick to gently probe the ground ahead to scare off snakes.

Wear Protective Gear: Opt for loose, long pants and sturdy leather or rubber boots to reduce the chance of a snake bite.

Stay Vigilant: Be mindful of where you step and sit when outdoors.

Illuminate Your Path: Use a flashlight when walking outside at night to spot and avoid snakes.

Responding to a Snake Bite

If bitten, follow these crucial steps:

Stay Calm: Keep a level head to think clearly.

Call for Help: Dial 911 immediately and follow professional advice.

Observe the Snake: Remember its appearance but do not approach or attempt to capture it.

Remove Jewelry and Tight Clothing: Minimize swelling by removing items near the bite.

Elevate the Affected Limb: Keep the bitten limb level with your heart.Clean the Wound: Wipe away from the wound to prevent infection.

Seek Medical Attention: If the snake is venomous, head to the hospital promptly. Do not attempt to treat the bite yourself.

Central Florida Case Study: A Cautionary Tale

In October, a local resident in Lake Mary, just north of Orlando, experienced a Cottonmouth bite. Despite being knowledgeable about handling venomous snakes, a small mistake led to a severe bite. Prompt action, including a swift 911 call and specialized hospital treatment, saved his life. View the accompanying photos depicting immediate swelling and tissue damage post-bite. This case underscores the importance of snake safety, even for experienced individuals.

Prevention Programs in Central Florida

Don't take chances if you suspect snakes near your home. Explore our programs designed to prevent encounters and provide assistance if you happen across a snake. Your safety is our priority.

Stay informed and proactive to ensure a snake-safe environment in Central Florida and Orlando - visit us at www.drcritter.com

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