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Wildlife Control Services Since 1995 - Choose the Best with Dr. Critter


We began performing wildlife control services professionally in 1995 as a small, family run business.  Led by our founder Steve DeMoor, the company grew to become the largest independent wildlife control firm in the nation, offering services throughout the southeastern U.S.

With Steve at the helm, the company became one of the most influential and respected firms in the country.  His secret...don’t do things just because that’s how everybody else does it.  From the very beginning, the company was unique, working and looking like no other wildlife firm.  Everything from the pricing to the services to the warranties was new and fresh.  He developed new techniques and introduced many new products and services never before offered.  Steve was quickly considered to be a pioneer and innovator within the industry, always doing things the way he believed things should be done, not how everyone else was doing them.  As a result, the company was able to deliver exceptional results and save customers money.  Having a leader that could “think outside the box”, and who was not afraid to go against the grain, allowed our company to build a solid reputation within the communities we served. 

In 2014, Steve parted ways with his business partner and took sole ownership and responsibility for the organization, and our name was changed to Dr. Critter, (a phrase customers had been affectionately calling Steve for years).  He immediately reduced the size and footprint of the company in order to provide a higher quality and more local, personalized experience for each and every customer.

With nearly 20 years in business, and more than 100,000 satisfied customers, our company continues to be innovators in the wildlife control industry, and the organization chosen by those in the know.  When quality matters; when you need it done right; when failure is not an option – choose the best, choose Dr. Critter.

Dr. Critter’s core values include:

  1. Our #1 job is to SERVE our customers & make sure they are 100% satisfied always
  2. If you sincerely care about others, help others, and love others – success will find you
  3. Practice with Honor & Integrity - stand behind everything you do
  4. Treat all animals with respect & compassion, and release captured animals back into the wild
  5. Informed customers are happy customers – communication is KEY
  6. Be Excellent and Exceptional in your products and services; Exceed customer expectations
  7. Every day, in the good and the bad, remember how truly blessed you are – God is Good
  8. God Bless the USA, where unlike most of the world, you have the right to freedom, opportunity, and choice - provided by the vision of our founding fathers & the sacrifices of countless servicemen and women



  • Our business has been operating and serving clients since 1996; almost 20 years.
  • We have serviced more than 100,000 different clients since our inception.
  • We are fully licensed and fully insured.
  • We are a nationally recognized leader within the pest and wildlife control industries.
  • We offer the best, most extensive warranty coverage of any wildlife firm in the nation.
  • Our owner served on the Board of Directors for the National Wildlife Control Association.
  • Our owner has been published in multiple professional and peer reviewed publications.
  • Our owner has personally mentored, coached, and trained many of the nation’s finest wildlife professionals.  Many seek out his experience and expertise when they want to learn the business.
  • Our owner has served as a consultant to major zoos, municipalities, and even state wildlife agencies when they need assistance with animal behavior modification or technical assistance on legal and legislative issues.
  • Our owner has assisted in drafting policy and legislation regarding wildlife control regulations for state wildlife agencies.
  • We are qualified in all phases of wildlife control, being one of only a handful of companies in the country with the experience to deal with extensive animal problems in commercial or industrial settings.
  • We are certified in all aspects of professional safety, including aerial work platforms, rappelling/belaying, fall protection, etc., and maintain all necessary safety equipment to handle any situation we encounter.
  • We have been the chosen service provider for countless celebrities, professional sports figures, municipalities, federal agencies, US military, theme parks, hotels, and of course our favorite clients - our neighbors and homeowners in our community.
  • We are frequently contacted by news outlets to provide professional comment and insight into wildlife problems at the local and national level.
  • We have been featured on many national and international TV networks, including National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, and Animal Planet.
  • We have been filmed and featured on multiple TV series including The Animal Extractors, Animal Superpowers: Extreme Hunters, and others.
  • Our services and expertise have been requested by clients as far away as Canada, Europe, and Africa.
  • We are VERY good at what we do, and are the company of choice for those seeking the best service, best product, and best outcome for their animal problems.



Our owner, Steve DeMoor, was fascinated with wildlife and began catching and bringing home animals before he even entered grade school.  His teachers tell stories of him setting a bucket in the back of the classroom each day that held the morning’s reptile captures.  At this early age, he checked out and read every animal related book in the library, seeking to quench his thirst for knowledge and his passion for nature.  He always maintained a vast collection of reptiles and other creatures he would capture from the woods and creeks near his childhood home.

Steve’s passion for the outdoors continued through his teenage years, excelling in Boy Scouts as he explored the outdoors through camping, fishing, hiking, etc.  He often rescued and rehabilitated orphaned birds and squirrels (although his mom did not appreciate the skunk), and was the often called upon by neighbors to catch the creatures that showed up at their homes.

In college, Steve studied biology and life sciences, and in 1996 was able to channel his passion for wildlife and thirst for adventure into his own animal removal business.

Teaming up with a childhood friend, Steve’s business grew and excelled where others failed.  His creativity, passion, knowledge of animal behavior, and most of all his sincere love and care for animals & nature was magnetic.  As his knowledge and experience grew, so did his influence within his industry.  He was quickly recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities in professional wildlife control, and was honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Wildlife Control Association.  He’s been featured on national and international TV series on networks including National Geographic and Animal Planet, and he’s been asked to help draft state and national legislation pertaining to the control and removal of nuisance wildlife.

In 2014, Steve took over full ownership of his business and changed its name to Dr. Critter, the title his customers had affectionately been calling him for many years.

Steve’s passions and interests in life include:

  1. church and family
  2. anything outdoors & adventurous, including fishing, camping, hiking, adventure racing, shrimping, and of course – wild animal capture and rescue
  3. wildlife, reptiles, animal behavior, animal training, wildlife photography
  4. breeding and raising miniature zebu cattle
  5. sharing his years of knowledge and experience with others, especially kids


A message from Steve

From the earliest years of childhood, it was clear to all who knew me that God made me for this.  Animals have been my life for as long as I can remember, and helping people protect their homes and family by solving animal problems safely and humanely has been my passion since childhood and career since college.

I live to serve, and I love a challenge.  My life is dedicated to the service of my community by solving problems that animals cause when they invade homes and yards.  I promise to be available to serve and assist my clients day or night, weekend or holiday, 365 days a year.  I promise to never rest until I have provided the very best in service, product, and outcome for each and every customer.

Should you ever need assistance, or even just advice, I hope that you will give us a call and offer us the opportunity to serve you.

Steve DeMoor, aka "Dr. Critter"