Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators - Resources for Injured or Orphaned Animals

IMPORTANT: This section is only related to wildlife, including wild birds, squirrels, deer, raccoon, opossum, etc.

If you have found an injured or orphaned animal that requires care or medical assistance, or you simply need advice on related situations, you will need to contact a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Dr. Critter is not a wildlife rehabilitation facility (we are wildlife trappers), and as such we do not have the equipment or training to provide the medical care these animals require.

In order to find a Wildlife Rehabilitator in your area, you should start with an internet search seeking a rehabber in your county. If that doesn't work, you should contact the state Fish & Wildlife agency for more assistance, as they have the master list of all rehabbers in the state (a list of steps and links is provided below). Keep in mind that our state agency only answers calls from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. The internet will be your only resource outside of those hours. Please do NOT call Dr. Critter offices if your search is unsuccessful, as unfortunately we do not have any additional information beyond that which we are providing here.

Keep in mind that Wildlife Rehabilitators receive ZERO funding from any state, federal, or government agencies. They are strictly volunteers who have a heart and passion for wildlife, and they operate solely on donations from people like you. All food, medicine, and even veterinary services are paid for out of their pockets with their own money. They can only continue to operate and care for animals if they have the support of their community. It would be shameful and disrespectful for you to bring an animal to them for care and not provide a generous donation to go along with it. Countless numbers of rehabbers have closed their doors over the past few years due to lack of funding. While you may not feel that a wild animal is your financial responsibility, remember that it is not theirs either. Please do the right thing and give generously ($25 is considered a minimum acceptable donation).

  1. Online rehabber search tool(may not be complete or current)
  2. General search(use the phrase "wildlife rehabilitator ????? county")

  3. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
    (850)-488-4676 / www.myfwc.com
    • If you need to report a live animal that is hurt or injured in a roadway or other public area, call your county Sherriff Department.
    • If you need to report a dead animal that is lying in a roadway or other public area, call your county's Animal Control agency or Public Works department.
    • If you need to report an animal that is exhibiting strange behavior, such as abnormal aggression, friendliness, lack of coordination, lethargic, loss of hair, or otherwise appears to be sickly or malnourished, call your county's Animal Control agency or Health Department agency.
    • If you need to report that you have been bitten or scratched by a wild animal, call your county's Animal Control agency or Health Department agency.