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Wildlife Control Services Pricing in Florida - Protect Your Property and Wildlife

We would love to be able to have a nice simple chart here listing exact prices for services. But as you can imagine, every situation is different. Not only will the amount of animals vary but the location, accessibility, damage already done, amount of entry points, and extent of waste left behind all play a part in determining price.

However, you can rest assured that we can work with any budget.

In other words, the price is relative to what you want to spend. The absolute bare minimum service would be for us to capture and remove the wild animals. But if you’re not addressing the entry points and cleaning up the odors that attract new animals, then your next animal problem is likely right around the corner.

Rather than trying to create standard packages, Dr. Critter goes the extra mile to create personalized programs for every customer. It’s all about you, what you want to spend, and the desired outcome. We’ll present you with options and allow you to choose whichever fits your budget.

You’ll see that a basic program will focus more on short-term goals such as capturing and removing the critters, finding the entry points and sealing them up. A more comprehensive program would not only seal the main entry points, but would address potential areas for future break-ins, remove odors and soiled insulation, and restore any damage done to your home or business.

Again, it’s all up to you. We’re here to give you options and to solve your wildlife problem. At the end of the day, you’re in complete control of what you spend.

We’re sorry we can’t list exact numbers, but we’re happy to speak with you personally and provide options. You can either call now 1-800-932-7287 or request a quote.

NOTE: Beware of wildlife control companies that try to quote exact prices on their websites. In our experience, you’ll find that those offers fall into the "bait and switch” category where fine print allows them to increase the price once they’ve come to your home and performed an evaluation.



Only Dr. Critter offers a Lifetime Warranty and a Money Back Guarantee. If animals come back, so will we - and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are ever unhappy, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Not only are we proud to offer you a fully-backed warranty, we’re also proud to say that our customers rarely have to use their warranties at all. Dr. Critter technicians go above and beyond to not only assess and solve your wildlife problem, but also to ensure that we find and repair all animal entry points. It doesn’t stop there. Animals leave behind distinct scents that actually lure other animals to seek entry into your home. So even if all entry points are sealed, more animals will try their best to break in after detecting the smell. This can mean more damages and an entirely new animal problem. Dr. Critter uses patented, unique and environmentally friendly products that fully eliminate any and all odors left by animals. With Dr. Critter, you’ll have peace of mind that your animal problem will not return.


We Can Bill Your Insurance

That’s right – many insurance policies actually help cover the damages to your home from nuisance wildlife. We’ve formed strong relationships with insurance companies in every area we service and can work directly with them to help lower your out-of-pocket costs. In cases of raccoon and bat damage, we’ve been very successful in helping our customers defer costs to their homeowners insurance.

It’s important to remember that animal intruders often leave damage in their wake – and it is equally important to not only repair the damage, but also to eliminate odors left behind that can attract more animals. For a full list of our services such as humane critter removal, rodent removal programs, bat removal programs, snake control programs, animal & wildlife proofing, critter waste clean-up, attic restoration, and dead animal removal, visit our services page.