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Animal and Wildlife Proofing Services in Florida

As we’ve mentioned, it is extremely important to take additional steps beyond simply capturing and removing critters and wildlife from your home. At the absolute minimum, we recommend allowing us to find the entry points that animals use to gain access. Dr. Critter technicians are fully trained in proper techniques to find, fix and completely seal any and all entry points. We’ll also do a full exterior scan of your home to point out any areas that could result in future wildlife problems. Our technicians are able to recommend prevention strategies that will ensure there are no available entry ways for animals to take advantage of in the future.

As you’ll see in the next section about waste clean-up, animals use their nose the way we use our eyes. They leave urine, feces, and gland secretions everywhere they go to communicate dominance and readiness to breed. These scent markings remain in a home long after the animal is gone. So even if all holes are sealed, the scents left behind will actively draw in more animals. These animals may try to gnaw and chew away at your home to gain access. To prevent this, it is highly recommended that you allow us to perform a thorough cleaning of the contaminated space.

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