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Effective Bat Removal Services in Florida

Many species of bats in the SE prefer roosting in buildings over trees & caves. As a result, we see ever increasing numbers of bat problems in homes, which can be both disturbing and dangerous. While bats are generally beneficial to our ecosystem, they are bad news when they move into a home. They not only introduce foul smelling guano and a multitude of parasites into people’s attics, but they often find their way into the interior living space. This is incredibly dangerous as a high percentage of the bats people come into contact with are infected with the rabies virus.

Bats, because they are so sensitive, so dangerous, and so easily spread to new areas, are the type of problem best left to an experienced professional to handle. Our programs are affordable, and most importantly – they work. We stand behind our service with both a money-back guarantee and a warranty that can be renewed for life.

Dr. Critter has put together a proven program specifically designed to solve bat problems and protect those living in the home. As part of this program, we address the full spectrum of issues surrounding bat infestations, including moving the bat population out of the building, securing the structure to prevent re-entry, and cleaning & sanitizing accumulations of bat waste and contaminated insulation.

The method, timing, and order of events is absolutely critical to a successful outcome. Any wrong step or bad approach can quickly cause a bat colony to shift or split and contaminate additional areas of the structure, leading to more work and more expense. Many of our projects involve situations where another company, or sometimes the homeowner themselves, have done things that made a problem worse than when it began.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to a bat problem, provided by professionals with a proven track record of success, call us today to schedule an inspection.

Don't wait, call us now to safely and efficiently remove bats from your Florida property.