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Expert Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection Services in Florida

Odor is obviously a major concern when dealing with dead animal carcasses. But there are actually some very serious health concerns that can result from prolonged exposure to dead animals in confined spaces. The size of the animal, species, location, state of decomposition, temperature, and humidity all play factors in determining how long it may take you to notice the dead animal carcass.

Here at Dr. Critter we’ve dealt with just about every scenario of dead animal removal that you can imagine - from raccoons who got trapped behind walls to dead rats underneath carpeting. Some of the more common scenarios are:

  • Dead animals in the attic
  • Dead animals in the wall
  • Dead animals in the chimney
  • Dead animals in ducts
  • Dead animals under the house
  • Dead animals in crawlspaces

Dead animals are often covered with parasites upon removal. Those parasites are known to carry and transmit diseases. We do not recommend attempting to remove a dead animal yourself without the help of a professional and without the use of professional dead animal removal equipment.

If you smell something that doesn’t seem right and suspect you may have a dead animal in your home or business, please do not wait any longer before calling 1-800-932-7287.

Don't let dead animals on your property become a health hazard. Call us now to get expert removal and disinfection services. We provide fast, reliable, and affordable services throughout Florida. Contact us today for a free estimate!