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Snake Control Services in Florida

Did you know that the SE United States is home to more species of reptiles than almost any other place in the world? Included in that group are 6 different types of deadly, venomous snakes.

A snake does not have to be venomous to be scary, or even dangerous. Many of the common snakes we find around homes are considered to be far more aggressive biters than any of the venomous snakes. Some common snakes are also great climbers, and it is fairly common for us to find them in customer’s attics & ceilings.

Since most people can’t accurately identify which snakes are deadly, which are aggressive, which are home intruders, and which are harmless, the safest thing they can do is try to avoid encounters in the first place. In fact, we get dozens of calls every week from customers needing snake removal a home or yard. What is the expression….an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?? Better to avoid a snake than to unexpectedly confront one and not know if it’s deadly.

Dr. Critter offers customers a fantastic solution to snake problems. It’s called Snake Shield. We first perform a structural & habitat evaluation to determine what should be done to prevent snakes from getting into a home and discourage them from making their home in your yard. We then attack the problem from multiple angles, focusing on both active and passive prevention models, leaving our customers with security and peace of mind. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our Snake Shield program, if an unlikely event occurs where a snake does get inside your home, we’ll take care of it for free.

If you are looking for a strategic, effective service to keep snakes away from your home, consider Dr. Critter’s Snake Shield program. Please call us to schedule an evaluation.

Protect your home and family from dangerous snakes - contact us now for reliable snake control services in Florida.