I have a raccoon problem.

September 20, 2014

I have a raccoon problem. | iStock_000001826550Medium

Raccoons are a common problem, so you're not alone. Unfortunately, the raccoons are likely not alone, either. Not only do they often follow each other into attics but it is also very common for them to have 3-5 babies while in there. Raccoons leave huge holes in insulation and many times create fairly visible entry points into the home. Raccoons have been known to live in attic spaces, chimneys, and even crawlspaces. They seek out attic vents, soffit cents, and rotting fascia boards as ways of gaining entry into homes.  Common complaints that we receive related to raccoons include: raccoons damaging sod, raccoons knocking over trash cans, and raccoons defecating on pool decks and in pools. The wildlife technicians at Dr. Critter are experts in raccoon removal, raccoon control, raccoon proofing, and damage restoration.

Typical solutions include:

  • An inspection to identify damage and potential entry points
  • Trapping and removal of the offending animals
  • Exclusion of any potential entry points
  • Removal of fecal matter and damaged insulation
  • Cleanup of biological attractants

NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS: Raccoon services are often covered under homeowner's insurance policies. Give us a call today at 1-800-932-7287 or request a quote here for your raccoon problem. Learn more about billing your insurance company.

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