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Florida Guide to Venomous Reptiles and Snakes

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Added on February 6, 2023

Florida is home to a diverse range of animals.  Reptiles, and snakes in particular, are a common animal that people not only encounter, but elicit fear.  We are home to more than 40 species of snake, 5 of which are venomous and potentially deadly.  From Daytona Beach to Kissimmee, Sanford and Lake Mary to Palm Bay, and Melbourne to Orlando, snakes can be found daily, 365 days each year.  Having said that, most encounters are with non-venomous snakes, most commonly the black racer, yellow rat snake and red snakes.  

 Venomous Snakes

The venomous snakes found in Central Florida are the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the pygmy rattlesnake, cottonmouth (or water moccasin), canebrake rattlesnake (or timber rattlesnake) and the coral snake.  The 3 rattlesnakes and the cottonmouth are actually closely related, while the coral snake is an unrelated, but equally problematic species.  There are a number of ways to identify these snakes - we actually have a handy guide here on our website that has some great information on how to differentiate between the different snakes.  Find more information here https://www.drcritter.com/venomous-snake-guide/

What do I do when I find a snake?

We always recommend using caution!  Stop, make sure you're safe and can easily back away from the snake and call a professional here at Dr. Critter.  If at all possible have someone watch the snake (from a distance) until we arrive.  One of the most difficult parts of snake removal is finding the snake to begin with - one of their best defenses is their ability to camouflage themselves with the environment.

Can I prevent snakes from coming to my home?

Yes!  But it's not always fool proof.  There are many different options we have at our disposal to deter snakes, from chemical and natural deterrents, snake fences and habitat modifications.  It depends on the species of snake, the landscape surrounding your home, and what you have near your home that can attract snakes.  It all begins with an inspection from one of our trained technicians.

 If you have any questions about snakes, suspect one is near your home or business, or even see one somewhere you don't want it, give us a call and we'll discuss our different options with you - you can never be too safe when it comes to snakes, especially if they're venomous.

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