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Contact us in Astatula, FL for Wildlife Removal ServicesDr. Critter has local service teams right here in Astatula, FL to personally handle your wildlife problem.

Here at Dr. Critter, we offer unique programs specifically designed for rats, bats, and snakes.

We also offer humane removal of:

Your local Dr. Critter technician will resolve your animal problems humanely, using proven techniques that are safe for your family and pets. Our commitment to provide quality, affordable services makes us the best choice for homeowners, property managers, businesses, and governments.

What our customers say about us...

While taking care of my rodent problem, Steve also taught me more about varmints than I will ever want to know. His dedication to the mission of Dr. Critter is to be applauded. In addition to being an expert pest exterminator, he is a fine man and someone whom I now consider to be my friend. Thank you for a fine job!
- Marcia M., Sanford, FL


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About Astatula

Astatula is a town in Lake County, Florida, United States. The population was 1,810 at the 2010 census and an estimated 2,085 in 2019. It is part of the OrlandoKissimmeeSanford Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Astatula is located in central Lake County at 284248N 81443W / 28.71333N 81.73417W / 28.71333; -81.73417 (28.713220, -81.734248), on the east side of Little Lake Harris. County Road 561 (Monroe Street) is the main road through the town; it leads north 8 miles (13km) to Tavares, the county seat, and south 7 miles (11km) to U.S. Route 27 near Minneola.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Astatula has a total area of 3.2 square miles (8.2km2), of which 0.03 square miles (0.09km2), or 1.12%, are water.

At the 2000 census there were 1,298 people, 482 households, and 359 families in the town. The population density was 593.7 people per square mile (228.8/km2). There were 546 housing units at an average density of 249.8 per square mile (96.3/km2). The racial makeup of the town was 84.36% White, 1.23% African American, 0.54% Native American, 0.31% Asian, 10.48% from other races, and 3.08% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 19.41%.
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